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Colour and light are inseparable elements of our world, and hold great significance for life on this planet, and for human perception, cognition, and experience. Colour happens at the intersection of the physical and meta-physical, and because of its unusual blend of theory and practice, the study of colour provides a rich common space for diverse practitioners and researchers in arts, sciences and industries to share knowledge productively. Thus, as a structuring phenomenon in nature as well as in human culture and cognition, colour is a key subject of study for a dizzying array of fields, making a colour research network a compelling idea. As colour knowledge grows across disciplines, the sharing of this knowledge, the discovery, capacities, and applications for colour will bear fruit. How might we communicate and foster new insight across the divides of our disciplines?


  • Individual Membership
  • As an individual member of CRSC, you have access to networking and professional development opportunities, as well as a resource for research.
  • Additional benefits include:
  • Discounted CRSC event/conference/symposia fees
  • Access to Colour:Couleur – The Journal of the CRSC
  • Access to CRSC’s knowledge networks
  • Access to CRSC bibliographies and publications.

CRSC offers a variety of individual membership levels.  Memberships are for 12 months from the month of membership signup.

  • Student - $15.00: Receive all of the benefits of regular membership. Students will be asked to verify student status subsequent to joining.
  • Regular - $ 25.00: Provides a wealth of benefits including discounted conference registration, access to members only sections of the website, and CRSC Conference Proceedings.

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