In 1972, the Canadian Society for Color in Industry, Science and Arts was formed, joining the AIC (Association International de Couleur/ International Colour Association) as a national member, until 1993. Canadian Alan Robertson was President of the AIC from 1990-93, and received the prestigious AIC Judd Award in 2007. The new Colour Research Society of Canada (CRSC; inaugurated June 1, 2011) seeks to re-establish this important alliance of colour researchers, reinstate Canada’s position in the AIC, and engage a new generation of colour experts and enthusiasts in a communicative network fostering new knowledge.


We are a community of interpreters, knowledge seekers and experts, and colour – whether material or ephemeral – is our common focus. Colour and light are inseparable elements of our world, and hold great significance for life on this planet, and for human perception, cognition, and experience. Colour is a key aspect of expression and information – a structuring principle in nature as in human culture, and is thus a key subject of study for a dizzying array of fields, making a colour research network a compelling idea. As colour knowledge grows across many disciplines, the sharing of knowledge, discovery, capacities and applications gains more and more importance. How might we communicate and foster new insight across the divides of our disciplines?


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Canadian member of the International Colour Association