The Right Angle Journal - Colour Issue: Call for Submissions
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The Right Angle Journal - Colour Issue: Call for Submissions

The Right Angle Journal is looking for text and imagery that show how the austere colour palettes of earlier generations have given way to a more conscious use of colour as an important element of architectural and environmental design. The text should be based on, or should include, personal research and/or experience.

The submission deadline is April 15, 3019.

Please express a commitment of article and/or image contribution no later than April 1, and an outline of the article by April 8. The length of the piece is recommended to be no longer than 1500 words, and no shorter than 500 words.

Please contact Vivian Lo for further details at


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AIC Midterm Meeting 2019 Buenos Aires - COLOUR & LANDSCAPE - Call for Abstracts
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AIC Midterm Meeting 2019 Buenos Aires - COLOUR & LANDSCAPE - Call for Abstracts

Abstract submission deadline: March 31, 2019.

Abstract format: 500 words; 5 keywords. Seminar description below. Further information can be accessed

Send your abstract to SG ECD:

The AIC 2019 Midterm Meeting takes place on October 14, 2019, 14.20–17.30 (Monday afternoon) in Buenos Aires, Argentina

AIC 2019 Seminar Content Description:
Towards a Theory of Colour and Light Ambiences in Built and Natural Environments

How do we approach the continuously fluctuating colour and light complexity of a city, a district, an urban space, or a natural landscape? The aim of this seminar is to study analytical and methodological approaches to colour and light and to explore and discuss ways of creating ambience – the character, mood, special quality, or atmosphere of a place – in the natural landscape or in an interior or exterior space in the built environment. The basis for the study of colour and light ambiences in these different situations is gained through insights from different points of view into how to create a relationship between colour, light, and materials.

Looking back to the 1920s and 1930s reveals a growing interest in how colour and light shape the human environment. Mutually inquiring into these historical principles and those evident today, the aim is to identify and track which colour and light components have had longevity and which concepts and applications have newly appeared as well as disappeared. Our questions include: What has survived, but is actually out of date and what has endured and still seems appropriate to our times? What new means of colour and light technology have appeared in the 21st century to create contemporary colour and light ambiences?

We also aim to discuss whether the colour and light of a building can be changed easily. Colours can become a fad, i.e., fashionable. Some colours are so unusual (Antoni Gaudí) that they appear to be good perennially. Other architectural colours are exceptional (Le Corbusier) and are therefore also considered to be eternally pleasing. Here we consider how fashionable or stylish colour and light should be in new buildings and in architectural in general and at what cost buildings should be fashionable.

As we further inquire into the principles creating colour and light ambiences in architecture, urban space, the built environment, and the natural landscape, we will consider the implications of Jean-François Augoyard's claim that for three decades the search for ambience (la maîtrise des ambiances) has been part of architectural education. The qualities of light, sound, ventilation, material, and movement are some of the main features of ambience. However, ambience is more than a product of technique and technology, it is the trigger for our overall response. Here ambiences – like cities – can be attractive, pretty, or ugly.

The principles behind how to generate – and critically sense – such features and effects will be developed in this seminar in order to ultimately distinguish elements for forming a theory of colour and light ambiences.

The seminar's theme is related to the topic of the Midterm Meeting of the International Colour Association, AIC 2019 "Colour and Landscape",

Accepted full papers will be reviewed and published in a book.

Organizers: Verena M. Schindler, Yulia A. Griber, José Luis Caivano

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Propellor Gallery - BLUE | BLEU IMPULSE - Call for Submissions
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Propellor Gallery - BLUE | BLEU IMPULSE - Call for Submissions

Exhibition Details

Wednesday, February 13 to Sunday, March 3, 2019
Opening: Saturday February 16, 2–5 pm;
Meet the Artists: Sunday February 24, 2–5 pm

BLUE | BLEU IMPULSE is about Thinking Blue; Visions of Blue; Pure Blues;
Immense sunny Blue Skies wherever you are;
Le temps est bon, le Ciel est Bleu;
Bouncing Blue Waves on moody and vast oceans; Bleu de Mer;
Calm and serene Blue Lakes; Rhapsody in Blue; Blue Persuasions; Blue light;
Having the blues and being inspired by winter melancholy.

After a vibrant Red Impulse Exhibition last February, Propeller is following up with a BLUE | BLEU IMPULSE.
Please provide your own interpretation of BLUE | BLEU and tell the story in the medium of your choice following the requirements outlined below to participate in this exhibition.
Organizers: Michelle Letarte, Sharron Forrest and Maggie Doswell


Thursday January 24th @ 11:50 PM

Submission Requirements:

Name, address, email, phone number.
Brief Artist Statement (200 words maximum).
Maximum size of artwork: 36" x 36” for 2D works. Works that exceed 36” may be considered on case-by-case basis however additional fees will apply. Contact Michelle Letarte ( to inquire.
One image per submission, with a maximum of three artworks submitted per artist
(2000 pixels on the longest edge @72dpi).
Accurate label information (title, date, medium, dimensions, value).
Short narrative text to accompany work(s) (maximum 50 words).
Video links will be accepted.
You agree to allow us to use your submission material, without compensation, in potential catalogue of this exhibition, video or press release.
Submission fee: $50 CDN (including HST) for each entry (*please note, submission fees are non-refundable).
Selected artists will be contacted by email with further instructions.
All sales plus HST will be processed by the Gallery, which will retain 25% commission for non-members and 20% for members.
We reserve the rights to refuse artworks, which do not conform to the submission requirements or to Propeller standards.
Important Dates:
Exhibition dates: Wednesday, February 13 to Sunday, March 3, 2019
Deadline: Thursday January 24th @ 11:50 PM
Intake: Sunday February 10, 6–8 pm/Monday February 11, 11am–1pm
Opening reception: Saturday February 16, 2–5 pm
Meet the Artists: Sunday February 24, 2–5 pm
Artwork Pick-up: Sunday March 3, 4–7 pm

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