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CRSC Statutes

Article 1. Name/Nom

 The Colour Research Society of Canada/La Société canadienne de recherche sur la couleur (hereafter referred to by the abbreviation CRSC) was founded on June 1st, 2011 in Toronto.


Article 2. Objectives/Objectifs

2.1 National Network/ Réseautage national

To develop and support a national, cross-disciplinary network of scholars and practitioners with an interest in practical and/or theoretical engagement with colour.

Développer et soutenir le réseautage national et inter-disciplinaire de chercheurs et de praticiens engagés dans la théorie et/ou la pratique de la couleur.

2.2 Colour Discourse/Dialogue sur la couleur

To encourage discourse between arts, sciences and industry related to colour research and knowledge.

Encourager le dialogue entre les arts, les sciences et l'industrie liés à la recherche et au développement des connaissances sur la couleur.

2.3 Public Interest/ L'Intérêt public

To foster public interest in colour research and knowledge.

Stimuler l'intérêt public pour la recherche et les connaissances sur la couleur.

2.4 AIC Membership/ Membre de AIC

To be an active member of the International Colour Association (AIC), in order to enable and encourage Canadian colour researchers’ participation in international colour research, events and publications.

Être un membre actif de l’Association internationale sur la couleur (AIC), afin de permettre et de stimuler la participation des chercheurs canadiens sur la couleur à des événements, des publications et des recherches internationales sur la couleur.


Article 3. Membership:

The CRSC is a national organization open to membership of individuals interested in the CRSC objectives from all Canadian provinces and territories, across professional disciplines, including but not limited to Art, Design, Architecture, Science, Industry and Education.

There are four classes of membership:

i) Individual: persons may be affiliated with the CRSC if they are interested in our objectives (defined in Article 2). Upon fulfilling membership requirements, including payment of membership fees, Individual Members take part in, and receive information pertaining to CRSC activities.
ii) Student: A reduced rate Individual Membership, provided to students enrolled full-time in educational institutes/programs within Canada.
iii) Institutional/industrial: National / international, regional, academic or industrial/commercial organisations that share CRSC aims and objectives (defined in Article 2) may become members, following requirements set out by the Executive Committee (EC)
iv) Honourary: From time to time the CRSC will invite individuals who have made valuable contributions to the organisation, or to the study of colour, to become honourary members. Conferral of this honour will create a lifetime membership for the individual, and will have no other requirements. Individuals who wish to discontinue this status should submit their request in writing to the President.

Membership is per calendar year. Annual fees and other requirements will be determined by the EC and ratified by members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Members will be understood to have withdrawn upon non-payment of Annual Fees.


Article 4. Meetings and conferences

The CRSC shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and may also organise and promote special regional, national or international meetings or conferences/symposia.


The AGM shall be held at least every year. The AGM will discuss matters submitted to it by the EC or by regular members.


Where necessary - and with sufficient notice - additional meetings may be held by a decision of the EC or at the request of a majority of the members.


Article 5. Executive Committee (EC) and elections

The EC shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, at least four Members-at-Large. The EC is responsible for the development and administration of the CRSC, the preparation and execution of resolutions, elections and meetings, and representation of the CRSC in discussions or negotiations with other bodies for purposes consistent with its mission.


The AGM will include an election for EC positions. Elections, by private ballot, may be conducted through online voting.


The EC shall be elected for a two-year term commencing from the beginning of the calendar year after the election.


President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be eligible for one consecutive re-election to these positions.


The outgoing President will automatically become Past President, remaining on the EC to provide continuity for at least one year of the following two-year term.


EC members are eligible to be elected to other positions on the EC after their term ends.


If a vacancy occurs on the EC, a replacement may be appointed for the remainder of the term of election, at the discretion of the EC.


The EC may appoint a new EC member based on developing regional representation and growth of the organisation within the two-year election cycle. Such appointees will be eligible for elected positions at the end of the two year term in which they were appointed.


EC Members are responsible for active participation in building the organisation, and ongoing inactivity or three consecutive absences from EC meetings will be considered inadequate commitment for continued EC membership.

Article 6. Financial

Members of the EC will serve without financial compensation. Administrative expenses will be met by subscription funds, donations, sponsorships and moneys derived from special events. Individual and EC members of the CRSC shall not be under any financial obligation to CRSC beyond their member subscriptions. The Treasurer shall keep proper accounts of the income and expenditures of CRSC and shall present an annual financial statement to the EC, and a statement of two-year progress to the AGM.


Article 7. Amendments to Statutes

These statutes may be amended, or the CRSC dissolved, only after all current members are informed and have the opportunity to participate in a discussion and a vote on resolutions generated by the discussion. The discussion and vote will be conducted in a forum and using means which reasonably facilitate inclusion of all members, and a 2/3 majority vote will be required for bylaw amendment or dissolution of the organisation. In the event of dissolution, any balance remaining in the funds of CRSC shall be distributed according to a resolution proposed and ratified by the membership at a meeting specifically called to address such dissolution.