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Justine Fisher

2021 Honorable Mention

OCAD University

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Emotional Architecture

Emotional Architecture explores the many channels through which our brains create our emotional processes. This study takes a look into seemingly abstract concepts such as colour psychology, linguistics and design. These concepts that appear meaningless are, in reality, the driving forces behind the complex emotions we experience daily.

Explore the 8-month study through the process website found here. 

Justine is a passionate designer and illustrator with a wide range of interests. She graduated with distinction from Ontario College of Art & Design University in Toronto with a degree in graphic design. Through her studies Justine was given the opportunity to explore animation, packaging design, wayfinding systems, experimental typography and more. Currently, Justine works as an information design for Impact for Health International, as well as a principal designer for The Khollected. These two opportunities allow Justine to explore her passion for information and data visualization design within the global health sector, while also working on a variety of brand and web design projects for clients through the studio. Justine has been an avid freelancer since her early high school years which helped to kickstart her career from a young age. When she was 17, Justine aided the launch of a small business called Coloring Broadway where she worked as the sole designer and illustrator for 4 years. Justine is always seeking opportunities to learn and grow her skills, and is excited to continue exploring the many opportunities that the design field has to offer.

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