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Vladimir Kanic

2021 Undergraduate Winner

OCAD University

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Music of the Photograph:
Memory Fragments from Pag


‘Memory Fragments From Pag’ uses RGB pixel information to compose music from a photo featuring kids wearing traditional outfits at my island of Pag in Croatia. Each spectrum of light is played by a different musical instrument relevant to the culture of the island. Translation of colours to music is done through a unique colaural language I’ve invented, and which is based on works of Kandinsky, Newton, John Coltrane and Einstein. Most of the visual music theories translate colours to music as 2D systems based on Newton’s research in optics. I’ve introduced visual music as a 3D system comprised of multidimensional interconnected audiovisual strata that communicate via colaural language. During my research at OCADU I’ve discovered that the system’s architecture resembles DNA’s double helix spiral and that the genetic CGTA connections bare resemblance to the connections of musical notes when forming principal major and minor chords in relation to colour theory. Makes you wonder about the nature of existence, right?

Vladimir Kanic is a multidisciplinary artist working in the fields that synergize art, science and technology. His practice revolves around interactive and experiential art, from public art projections on skyscrapers to creating art from innovative biomaterials that can produce oxygen.

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