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AIC 2022 Midterm Meeting Sensing Colour

June 13-16, 2022

Venue: Online meeting

Co-chairs: Doreen Balabanoff & Robin Kingsburgh

The Colour Research Society of Canada (CRSC) hosted AIC 2022 Sensing Colour,  the AIC Midterm Meeting from June 13th-16th, 2022. The originally planned venue was OCAD University in Toronto, but the conference was held fully online due to the ongoing travel and gathering implications of Covid (with the exception of the opening lecture and two workshops).


Click here to access the the AIC 2022 Book of Abstracts and Conference Proceedings.

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) partnered with the CRSC and OCAD University to host two special presentations, which were also open to the general public. The first was the pre-conference lecture-presentation by Manitoulin Island painter and pigment producer Anong Migwans Beam. Anong is a M’Chigeeng First Nation artist from a family of painters. She spoke of her family’s history with colour and pigments, and her ongoing relationship to colour in her work and her paintmaking process. The second special presentation was by artist Angélica Dass (Brazil/Spain) who spoke about her acclaimed Humanæ project,  Humanae: Celebrating How Colourful We Are and hosted an online book reading/workshop, The Colours We Share. Angélica’s presentations promoted dialogue that challenged how we think about skin colour and ethnic identity. Humanæ attempts to “document humanity’s true colors … seeking to demonstrate that what defines the human being is its inescapable uniqueness and, therefore, its diversity”. These events were made possible by generous funding support from OCAD University and The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). A recording of Anong Beam's Lecture Gathering Colour is available at the AGO website.

Two in-person workshops were part of the program: The Shape of Color, at OCADU, by Megan Dyck (AU Arts and U Calgary), held at OCADU; and the 2024 ChromaZone® Color Forecasting Workshop with Color Marketing Group (CMG) co-facilitators Samantha MacLean and Janice Fedak, held  at the Toronto International Design Center (TIDC) Resource Centre.

AIC 2022 included 68 paper presentations and 40 posters. We welcomed 250 participants from 35 countries. The CRSC was especially pleased to welcome many student attendees and presenters.

Our Keynote Speakers were invited from diverse locales and disciplines: Anya Hurlbert: lluminating colour: Do people see the light?; Rob De Salle: Sensing Colour in Nature; Anna Franklin: How do infants and children see and think about colour?; Michael Murdoch: Color in Layers: From Pepper’s Ghost to Augmented Reality; Joseph Ingoldsby: Requiem for a Drowning Landscape. We also presented a panel Light, Colour, and…  on colour in the lighting industry, organized by Tom Butters and Venkat Venkataramanan. Panel members included: Tony Esposito, Mariana G. Figueiro, Deborah Gottesman and Patricia Rizzo.

Recordings of the AIC 2022 Keynote Lectureas and panel are available on our CRSC youtube channel.

We were pleased to be able to present many awards at AIC 2022, particularly to students and young researchers. Out of more than 50 entries, the AIC Executive Committee selected six finalist student papers for the AIC Student Paper Award. Maurizio Rossi, AIC Vice President, presented these awards on the final day of the conference. The Colour Group of Great Britain presented the Robert W. G. Hunt Poster Awards for the top 3 posters by students/young researchers. Venkat Venkataramanan of the CIE/CNC presented two CIE-CNC Student Awards for best student presentations related to the lighting industry. The CRSC/AIC 2022 Sensing Colour Award special award was offered by the CRSC for embodying relevance to the conference theme and encompassing design & aesthetic considerations.

Members of the Planning Committee included: Co-Chairs Robin Kingsburgh and Doreen Balabanoff; Program Co-Chairs Robin Kingsburgh and Brian Funt; and Committee Members Paul Haft, Ilene Sova, Judith Tinkl and Sharyn Adler Gitalis.

Thank you to the 12 members of the Program Review Committee who helped organize the review process, the 70 members of the Review Committee who shaped the quality of oral and poster contributions to AIC 2022 and the Workshop Review Committee who helped round out our programming with the workshop contributions.

The AIC 2022 Sensing Colour logo and website were developed by Haft2, and the team at Haft2 provided full conference support before, during and after the event. Many thanks to Cassandra Koenen and Sierra Haddleton, and Jasmina Leburic – what a fantastic team, who handled many complications with grace and good humour. The generous support from Paul Haft and Haft2 was remarkable and helpful in every way.

The CRSC would also like to thank Leslie Harrington, Vien Cheung, Maurizio Rossi and Verena Schindler for their guidance and help along the way.

Many thanks also to our AIC 2022 sponsors: OCAD University; the Art Gallery of Ontario; Haft2; 13th Street Winery and Gallery; VC2; Lighting Agora; CNC-CIE and the Canadian Council for the Arts.

At the end of the conference we were pleased to pass the banner on (virtually) to the AIC 2023 hosts, the Colour Society of Thailand. The CRSC thanks everyone who participated in making AIC 2022 a richly rewarding experience for all.

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