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I am an experimental expressionist painter. I have completed several series of acrylic paintings revealing the moods and energies of water – whirlpools, waterfalls, and tsunamis and recently, White Water Rapids, achieved by gesturally applying paint layers, thick and thin, suggesting the destructive force of the rapids.

For the “Niagara Falls in Winter” series, a few of which I have included with this profile, I created acrylic paintings expressing both the rugged beauty and the powerful energy and force of this huge waterfall. I experienced the impact of these waters in various winter climates over many years of visiting “the Falls”. I applied layers of gesso and paint, both thick and thin, building up ridges and suggesting the power of the falls dropping and the mists that occur.

As always, when I am passionate about my subject or focus, I really put the full force of my upper body into the painting action.

I am always interested in experimenting with ways to create unique colour, whether it be by direct and bold application of an inherent value of colour, by glazing in several layers to achieve depth and subtleties, or by direct application by shoulder action, hand, palette knife or any other form of brush or tool.

I am a member of Propeller Art Gallery, Gallery 1313, the Colour Research Society of Canada, Artists’ Network, and I am an Associate member of the Society of Canadian Artists.

I hold a B.A. (1967) from Western University, a BFA (Honours) (2005) from Ontario College of Art and Design University and a Fine Arts Certificate (Honours)(1978) from Humber College.

For a detailed curriculum vitae, visit:

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